Having a problem with your computer system or network and would like Synet to take a look. Or maybe you are contemplating purchasing a new system and need some guidance. Well, we can help.

Just include the details of your problem or query in an email to Synet for prompt attention. Click here and include all relevant information to your problem or query (see below) in the body of the message.

Please include:
Your name and contact information
A description of the problem or query you have
Computer System information:
  The type of machine
  The operating system
  The hardware involved in the problem
Any other information relevant to your problem or query

Example (for body of email message)
Name: John Citizen, Phone 8725 0000
Computer: Windows
7 Pro, i5 Processor, 4GB RAM, all 3 machines identical
Problem: The Local Area Network in our office has been getting very slow in recent times, and today it just will not work.
Could you come and sort it out!

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